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Scratch Cards and Interactive Games

Scratch card are the simplest of all the lottery games. Scratch Cards are a small token, usually made of cardboard, where one or more areas contain concealed prizes. Scratch cards involve matching symbols, pictures or words, or are adaptations of popular (card-) games like Blackjack, Poker or Monopoly.

Interactive games are games/ lottery that involve interaction with a user interface to generate visual feedback on a device.

The rules and mode of play are determined by the licencee subject ot the approval of the Board. It is a general requirement that at least 50% of the revenue generated from these lotteries is paid back as winnings to stakers.

Licence for scratch card & interactive game is granted per annum and renewable annually.

Revenue generated from Scratch cards & Interactive games is applied to good casues projects in the following sectors- Educational, Infrastructural, Environmental, Social & Health- as stipulated by the Lotteries Law.

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